IAC431 IAC430ss Cartridge

IAC-431 Standard Capacity System with Blue Casing and Sediment Cartridge Flow Rate 75 LPM.

Product Price ₹4500.00

Product Description


IAC431 cartridge for IAC430SS








IAC-431 Specifications

 Benefits‎  Scale Reduction‎
 Brand‎  3M™ Aqua-Pure™‎
 Filter Type‎  Quick Change Cartridge‎
 Flow Rate‎  10 gpm‎
 Flow Rate (metric)‎  37.85 Litre per minute‎
 Industries‎  Home‎
 Pressure Range‎  25 - 125 psi‎
 Pressure Range (metric)‎  172 - 862 kPa‎
 Reduction Claims‎  Scale‎
 Replacement Interval‎  6 Month‎
 Temperature Range (Celsius)‎  4.4 - 37.8°C‎
 Temperature Range (Fahrenheit)‎  40 - 100°F‎

Product Features

Benefits‎ Scale Reduction‎
Reduction Claims‎ Scale‎
Replacement Interval‎ 6 Month‎
Filter Type‎ Quick Change Cartridge‎
Flow Rate‎ 10 gpm‎
Flow Rate (metric)‎ 37.85 Litre per minute‎
Pressure Range‎ 25 - 125 psi‎
Pressure Range (metric)‎ 172 - 862 kPa‎
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