Fully Automatic Water Softener 20Kg Salt Capacity

Product Price ₹216500.00
Weight: 72 kg

Product Description

PREGO Electromechanical Combi Oven






Prego Combo Oven is a professional cooking appliance that combines the functionality of a convection oven and a steam cooker. That is, it produces dry heat, moist heat or a combination of the two at various temperatures.
The appliances are, therefore, fir for various culinary applications, including baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, braising and poaching.

Model C00523EM
Dimension(mm) 700x715x700
Load Capacity (trays) 5GN 2/3
Power (kW) 5.4
Voltage / Frequency 230V/400V/50-60 Hz
Temperature 285 degree
Weight (kg) 72

Product Features

Model CO0523EM
Dimension(mm) 700x715x700
Local Capacity (Trays) 5 GN 2/3
Power(kW) 5.4
Voltage/ Frequency 230V/400V/50-60Hz
Temperature 285 degree
Weight (kg) 72