Ramsons Tumble Dryer

Ramsons Tumble Dryer - commercial/industrial tumble dryers

Ramsons Tumble Dryer – Industrial Tumble Dryer- 30 kg – Known for their simple usage, technological reliability, and extraordinary durability, Ramsons Industrial Dryers embody technological innovation, ensuring 100% efficiency.

Product Description

Ramsons Tumble Dryer

Ramsons Tumble Dryer - commercial / industrial cloth dryers





Special Features

1. Front Loading open pockets
2. Stainless steel drum
3. Microprocessor controlled with automatic cool down feature
4. The Stainless Steel inner drum is programmable for forward and reverses rotations to prevent garments from entangling with each other
5. A large glass door is provided for ease of loading and unloading of laundry
6. A special radiator/heat exchanger design and efficient blower system ensure perfect drying.

Programmed for safety

The programmable

microprocessor control system
Cooling down damper (optional)
Fire suppression system
Emergency stop buttons and a safety limit switch to ensure the safety of the operator
Self-cleaning lint mesh.

Product Features

Ramsons Tumble Dryer 30kg
Power Source 1 hp
Weight (kg) 550
Size 1050 x 1320 x1870
Material Stainless Steel
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